A Little Long Distance

traveling storytellers

Photos & Films by Josh + Jess Helton

what's your business name all about? 

When we got married in 2013, we brought into our marriage a shared passion for visual storytelling and our own individual backgrounds within the wedding industry, and so A Little Long Distance was quickly born. Although we went to school together as teenagers, we didn't have our first conversation until almost a decade later, when Jess was serving overseas in Katmandu, Nepal, while Josh was finishing up college in Nashville. We fell in love 8,000 miles away from each other as we shared the stories of our lives through technology, so when Jess eventually returned to Tennessee for our first official date, we felt as if we'd already known each other for years.  The geographical long distance between us in the beginning had actually contributed to the quick depth and closeness of our emotional relationship... simply put, it felt like it had been just a little long distance. 

A Little Long Distance feels deeply personal to us, because it sums up the story of how our love begun, and we're stoked about telling the stories of other husbands' & wives' beginnings. And we feel the same way about however many roads or oceans we may need to cross to be at your wedding day -- it's just a little long distance. 

What are your wedding rates?

We believe your wedding day deserves the investment that good quality requires. With that said, you are so much more than just a paycheck to us, and we understand that every couple has a unique budget and needs. Contact us for a price sheet. 

What do your wedding packages include? 

Our most popular (and cost-efficient) package is a combined photo + film package that allows us to work creatively alongside one another, and gives you the simplicity of working with one vendor for all your storytelling needs. Our photo packages include a complimentary engagement portrait session, and an online gallery of images + the rights to print. Our film packages include a 5-7 minute creative highlight reel, edited ceremony & toasts, a link to online viewing, and a collection of DVD's/thumb drive/blu-ray discs. All packages include all-day wedding coverage,  two shooters (both of us, unless agreed otherwise), and a personable, relational experience with us every step of the way.

Who Are Your Ideal Clients?

First and foremost, we're drawn to couples who believe marriage is a sacred gift that's worth celebrating. Whether you're an artist or a tax accountant, we love humans who are simply passionate about being alive. Our ideal weddings have lots of natural light, unique & creative details, and couples who are ready to have fun! Our style of shooting is centered around authentic moments of action & emotions, and it's equally important to us that you share that aesthetic and trust us to achieve it.  

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely, a thousand times Yes. Travel rates vary according to location. 

Is A Wedding Film Worth The Investment?

We're addicted to story, and we have a hunch you might be too. Why? Because you're human. We believe a wedding film should be one of the top priorities for your budget, because your story is invaluable and timeless. A wedding film will get you back to that feeling in a different way than your photos will. 

What Is A Super 8 Film?

Super 8 films are literally shot on film -- if you love the nostalgic feel of vintage home videos as much as we do, this package is for you. 

do you offer wedding albums? 

Yes! We offer luxurious 10x10 Italian luxe leather photo albums with an included 15-page spread and names debossed on the cover.  Contact us for examples & pricing. 

can I book a portrait session?

For sure. Engagement sessions are included in our wedding packages, but our portrait sessions range from maternity to lifestyle. Our philosophy for these sessions is to create a space for you to feel safe to be who you are and do what you do, and again, we prefer authenticity & motion rather than static, unnatural posing. Our goal is that your session will feel more like a fun date than a meeting! Contact us for availability & pricing.

can I hire you for non wedding-related work?

Yes, we love working alongside NGO's, philanthropic organizations, and other artists. Some of our past/current photo & video collaborations include 147 Million Orphans, Zest It Up, Both Hands, The People's Church, Tennessee Hospital Association, and local musicians / spoken word artists. Contact us for pricing.